LJUBELJ 2011 – Slovenian Ice Climbing Cup competition

Invitation to Slovenian Ice Climbing Cup competition !

On 12th of March 2011 the Tržič Alpine Club is again host of the Slovenian Ice Climbing Cup competition in difficulty – boulder. International participation has been confirmed, prizes for all competitors ensured, the boulder structure enhanced and after-party guaranteed! We welcome all competitors and fans of climbing!

Competition Programme:
• 08:30 – Arrival and reception of contestants
• 09:30 – The draw of starting numbers
• 10:30 – Qualifications
• 17:30 – Finals
• 19:30 – Announcement of results and awards
• 20:00 – The party after the game

Competitor Package (received by each competitor, which competes at least in Qualifications):
• Practical prizes for participation in the amount of 30 EUR
• Warm meal
• Tea during competition
• Heated isolation zone
• Discounts available for accommodation at the venue

• Through the online form: http://www.ice-climbing.net/prijava.php
• Registration fee: 15 EUR

Additional information at smrkom@gmail.com!

• How to get there..=>
• The competition in 2009 (Photo gallery)=>
• The construction building in 2009 (Photo gallery)=>

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